My work is created using a wide spectrum of making techniques. From traditional metalworking techniques to using rapid prototyping and heavy machinery, it is an ongoing exploration of process and materials.

Rapid prototyping

Life of a 3d printed object starts from making of a visual model created in 3d modelling software like Rhinoceros. The properties and characteristics of a model are then carefully checked for flaws to make sure it is suitable for the specifications of the printer. Once the printed has received the model, is applies multuple layers of nylon powder to build the object up layer by layer. Final result is a strong, light and hardwearing object which can be dyed, spray painted and assembeled into a piece of jewellery.

3D printing allows me to create large scale pieces in a controlled and presice way, while still being able to add an element of distortion without ruining the object's geometric perfection.


Lost wax casting

The ancient technique of lost wax casting allows to create multiple copies of various objects in metal. The process starts from creating a silver master and making a vulcanised rubber mould, which perfectly matches the shape and repeats the smallest texture details of the object. The mould is then injected with liquid wax which hardens and produces an exact replica of the master. Waxes are then sprued up on to a wax tree which gets covered in layers of heat resistant plaster. The whole structure is then placed in a kiln, where the wax burns out and molten metal is poured into the channels created by the wax tree. Once the metal is cool, the plaster is removed and silver is ready to be cleaned.

Repetition of form has a strong presence in my work and therefore this technique is invaluable for creating pieces rich in texture and volume.


Found objects

Computer hardware plays a major role in my research. As a staring point , I have sourced a number of keyboards, processors, motherboards and other pieces of hardware from a local IT Recycler. These large pieces have then been disassembled in search of intricate shape and detail. Apart from being an inspiration behind the repetitive nature of the pieces I make, some of these objects have also been used directly in the making of my work.